Rep. Gurtler receives threat by Gov. Deal’s Chief of Staff

By RCOntheRecord staff


Matt Gurtler, GA 8th District State Representative

Georgia State 8th Legislator Matt Gurtler faced bullying as he entered into his first official legislator event last month, but Gurtler said he is not allowing a high-ranking politician to change his mind.

Representing northeast Georgia’s District 8, Gurtler made it clear at a Jan. 31 freshman legislators’ breakfast at the Governor’s Mansion that his loyalty is to his constituency.

“I was approached by Nathan Deal’s Chief of Staff, Chris Riley,” said Rep. Gurtler said in a statement sent RabunCountyOntheRecord. He said he had never met Riley before the breakfast event.


Chris Riley, GA Chief of Staff

“He asked my reasons for voting “NO” on the 2017 amended budget. I explained I opposed subsidies and government interference in the free market and that my constituents elected me to the Georgia House of Representatives to represent those values and principles,” said Rep. Gurtler.

After this statement, Rep. Gurtler said a threat was made by Riley.

“He (Riley) stated he wanted me to be a “YES vote on the 2018 budget” and further stated ‘If you believe that then I will cut all your funding to your district,’ and repeated it more than once.” – Matt Gurtler

Rep. Gurtler said this threat occurred in front of other freshmen legislators.

“I am appalled by Mr. Riley’s actions of intimidation and bullying tactics of an elected official,” said Rep. Gurtler, “His actions were wrong and unethical, and this type of behavior goes against our system of separation of powers.”

He said Mr. Ripley not only threatened him but also the 8th District of Georgia, where 50,000 Georgias voted Gurtler in to represent them.

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