Georgia Sunshine Laws require local governments to comply

What is a Sunshine Law? It is a law requiring certain proceedings of government agencies to be open or available to the public.

Did you know …

sunshine-law-artGeorgia Sunshine Laws, updated in 2012, are made up of the Open and Public Meetings Act and Open Records Act. By law all local governmental bodies must conduct business openly and transparently, posting notices of regular public meetings at least one week prior to a meeting time through the local press, on an official website and at the location where the meeting will be held. Special Called meetings must be advertised 24 hours in advance and the legal organ, or newspaper, should be notified immediately of such meetings and notice of such meetings must be posted at the location of the meeting 24 hours prior to the Special Called meeting.

Agendas of items to be covered at a regular or special called meeting must be made available to the public at least two weeks in advance and with 24 hours prior to the meeting, upon written request from any local broadcast or print media outlet, a copy of the meeting’s agenda must be provided by fax, by email, or by mail through a self-addressed, stamped envelop provided by the requester.

Members of the public must be allowed access to all public government/authority meetings and must be allowed to make visual and sound recordings of the open portions of any meeting.

For more detailed information on Georgia’s Sunshine Law and Open Records Act, visit

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